digisuite: the marketing app made by the property marketing experts

By Laura Parker / Company Update , Marketing , Marketing Suite / 20th November 2020

With consumers craving a more interactive buying experience, the Focus group have come together to create digisuite – the interactive home-buying web app.

Drawing on over 20 years of property marketing expertise, we combined our experience in every stage of the customer journey to build digisuite, giving sales teams all they need in one simple web app. 

“In the past year or so we’ve seen more and more apps make their way into the marketing suites we fit-out, but we couldn’t help finding elements missing in each of them. 

“More often than not, these apps were either designed with the sales team in mind, or the customers but never both.

“Thanks to our relationship with Focus and Focus on Media we were able to collaborate together and create an app that works for everyone, by not only enhancing customers’ experiences but making life easier for the sales team.” Ben Tucker, Managing Director, Focus Experiential 

With a simple CMS and remote support, sales executives can easily control what their app features, with reliable support from our in-house digital team. Combining Focus’ UX experts with our talented digital designers means digisuite both looks beautifully bespoke for every development, and also gives customers an optimised experience every time. 

One aspect we were keen to include was flexibility, which in the current climate is absolutely key. This is why digisuite can not only be used in marketing suites and sales spaces, but also at exhibitions, during presentations and even be taken home on your customers’ mobile phone. 

Better still, digisuite is simple to integrate into your current marketing set up with no hefty installation process.

“For digisuite all you need is a TV or digital display and a tablet, it’s that simple. There is also an optional stylus and UV cleaning case to ensure minimal touch contact and safe use. Considering the current COVID-19 times we live in, we know this is important as our clients make their sales spaces as safe as possible without limiting the customer experience.”  James Mitchell, Account Director, Focus Experiential

By working closely with our clients, we’ve made sure digisuite ticks the boxes for all their property marketing needs and helps them bring their development to life, wherever their customers are. Each app is tailor-made for the development, focusing on what the buyer needs to see, resulting in an exponential number of unique customer experiences dependent on a development’s demographic. 

“Pulling together every aspect we’ve learnt over the past 20 years has built this app into a product we know is already helping our clients.

“It’s great to see the property industry moving into a more digitally intuitive way of selling to reflect the changing market and Focus are at the forefront of helping our clients adapt.” Nicole Eve, Client Services Director, Focus IMC London 


For more information about all the individual features digisuite can offer, and to learn more about how we can help you connect with your customers, head to our website to find out more.

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Laura Parker

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Laura Parker

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