Extraordinary circumstances, exceptional creative: our summer showreel

By Laura Parker / Focus , Marketing , Video / 14th September 2020

Believe it or not, September’s here and perhaps one of the most bizarre summers ever has come to a close.

Hands up, who’s received at least 100 emails fondly greeting you in these “unprecedented times”? Same.

This summer has been a weird one and for us marketers, we’ve been busy constantly adapting messaging and strategies to the ever-changing circumstances.

Despite this, our immediate need for flexibility and quick thinking has led to some amazing creative outcomes and although our notorious summer party was a no-go, there are still lots of reasons to celebrate a summer of exceptional creative.

Check out our showreel to see what we’ve been up to, and explore our projects in more details here.

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Laura Parker

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Laura Parker

Laura is our Marketing Manager at Focus. She is busy taking Focus' content strategy to the next level and spreading the word about our bustling agency. When she's not attached to Instagram, you'll find her following cute dogs around and playing rugby.