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By Laura Parker / Marketing / 20th February 2018

As marketers, we love finding those marketing campaigns that make you think ‘damn, I wish I’d thought of that!’.

This blog post is dedicated to paying homage to those in our industry who are coming up with quality marketing campaigns and capturing consumers attention for all the right reasons. Have a look and let us know what you think…

Snickers: Hungerithm

Snickers got seriously creative with a recent marketing campaign they ran in Australia. Tying in with their “You’re not you when you’re hungry” message, Snickers tried to combat the hangry tweeters by creating a special algorithm which altered the price of a Snickers bar in relation to how angry the internet was. The more the internet’s mood fluctuates, the more the price of a Snickers’ bar fluctuates. Check out the video here, however, be warned, it does feature some hangry tweeters who don’t always use the nicest language.



Coca-Cola; 3D Billboard

Our Creative Director Jason was particularly impressed with this one! Coca-Cola took billboard advertising to new levels with this huge 3D moving billboard in New York’s Times Square. In a world where consumers are tuning out screens of all kinds, this is certainly one way to recapture their attention! What do you reckon? Would you be impressed if you walked past this?


Ikea: AR in your home

We love when a brand’s marketing actually helps the consumer out. Just like our downloadable content calendars lend a helping hand, so too does Ikea’s AR app. We think this app is so handy and we’ll definitely be checking it out next time we need some furniture!


Apple’s Earth Day

Tapping into global hashtag awareness days are great starting points for marketing campaigns. Apple took part in #EarthDay and created a stunning video capturing Earth at its finest all through video content filmed on iPhones. If you’d like to jump on trending hashtags then download our February content calendar, giving you a heads up on any trending days this month, just click here for more information.


Adidas in partnership 

Another example of a marketing campaign with a benefit to the customer is the Adidas campaign currently running in Berlin. The limited-edition trainers are not only flashy footwear, they also double-up as a travel pass for the public transport in Germany’s capital. The £160 trainers carry the travel pass on their tongue, which is worth £650! The partnership paid off as huge queues stretched around the city’s store as people eagerly awaited the launch. You can read more about the collaboration in this news article.

So there you have it, the top 5 marketing campaigns that we’ve been obsessing over this week. Which one is your favourite? Or, do you reckon we’ve missed out on a good one? Let us know by commenting on social media, or contact us here.

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