How to get the best ROI on your video content

By Laura Parker / Marketing , Video / 15th October 2020

With marketing purse strings becoming tighter as uncertainty around the pandemic lingers, getting the most out of your spend is more important than ever.

Video marketing is up there as one of the more costly marketing components, so with this in mind we created a video webinar session to help you maximise your output and ROI to ensure you’re getting the best out of your video. Video doesn’t have to be expensive if you are smart with the original brief and the footage taken.

Making up our panel of experts were Focus’ Nicole Eve, Client Services Director at Focus IMC London, Susie Rees our Agency Account Director at Focus on Media, and our Head of Video Production Jake Joynson. Ultimately, we wanted to share how marketers needed to shift their approach from “we need a video” to “how will video support our campaign?”. We believe pre-planning and greater emphasis on strategy is how we can create more cost-effective video with greater outcomes.

Why we need to be thinking about video content from the offset for every campaign

Kicking us off first, Nicole talked through how to shape the strategy within which you build your video plan.

Nicole relayed how it was important that you “don’t close your mind and think ‘I want a video’, instead we need to be looking at the bigger picture and thinking about what you need to deliver to people and how you do that”. Ultimately, “it’s the strategy with which you upload that needs to have the emphasis, not the specific video.”

"don't close your mind and think 'I want a video', instead we need to be looking at the bigger picture and thinking about what you need to deliver to people and how you do that"

“You need to be thinking about your overall campaign objective and what conversions/results look like for your campaign. It’s also important to think about who the people you want to engage are. At Focus, we talk a lot about personas as we think about the kinds of people we want to target and take an action. It’s really key that we keep these people front of mind as we think about how to best spend our money – this will inform what channels and what types of content we need.

“Finally we need to think about what will make them want to engage. There’s a lot of talk at the moment about storytelling and so we need to think about we need to be telling them to make them convert and take action – whatever that action looks like for your business.” – Nicole.

This prior emphasis on strategy will mean your making that delivers the best message in a way that we know customers will respond to, hence optimising your ROI.

What this will look like

It was then over to Susie who explained how to take the strategy Nicole spoke of and apply it in practical terms, ultimately deciphering where video will appear. It is important to stress that one size definitely does not fit all when it comes to video, so Susie ran through all the platforms and spec you need to be thinking about when contriving your strategy.

Susie was keen to establish that “to get the maximum possible ROI it makes sense to get this content in front of as many in-market people as possible”. The best way to achieve this? “By talking to your creative agency and media agency early doors you can work out what content will work across multiple stages of your journey.”

“It’s worth thinking about the channels you want to broadcast on from the offset because they all have different audiences and different audience behaviours. You need to be thinking about what video works where. It’s not a case of one size fits all. For example, different platforms have different optimal paces. The key message needs to be delivered in the first couple of seconds on social media as people are scrolling quickly, whereas, with AdSmart tv ads, you can take more time to tell a story.

"to get the maximum possible ROI it makes sense to get this content in front of as many in-market people as possible"

“By getting this right you can optimise your output and ultimately your ROI.” – Susie

Now we knew what we wanted our video to look like, Jake took over to give his advice on how to capture content in the most cost-effective way.

How we can achieve this in the most cost-effective way

By this point, we’d sussed out our strategy and it was time to deliver our tips and tricks for saving money on film days and in post-production.


"Pre-production isn't very glamorous, but it's absolutely key"

Jake made it pretty clear, that when it comes to getting the best ROI from your video content, “you really can’t underestimate the value of pre-production”, as it’s in this stage that you get all your ducks in a row.

“Resist the temptation to rush in and instead take that time in pre-production to ensure you’re not wasting time whilst you’re on a shoot. Something as simple as a site visit can save so much future hassle and means when we come to shoot we know exactly what to look for, plan shots etc.

“Pre-production isn’t very glamorous, but it’s absolutely key.” – Jake

Once you’ve got everything sussed in pre-production, the footage really comes into its own in post-production.

“We can take the footage we filmed earlier and adapt the message for various stages of your campaign, essentially future-proofing footage.

“You get the most opportunity to do these things in post-production if you’ve planned for them in pre-production.” – Jake

As part of this process, Jake ran us through the ideal information any videographer and editor would need before heading out on a shoot. We’ve compiled the steps you need to take to perfectly plan your video in a handy downloadable sheet which you can save out here.

All our talking was over and it was the turn of our viewers to make the most of our expert panel and ask any question they had. Here’s what our team had to say:

Just like that our first webinar was finished, and our viewers left with all the information they needed to get a better ROI on their video marketing. If you’d like to watch the whole webinar you can do so here.


For our next session, we’ll be pulling on our 20 years of experience in property marketing to deliver a tailored webinar explaining how video fits into a development lifecycle, so keep your eyes peeled for an invite coming your way soon!

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