How we’ve adapted our client’s strategies during Covid-19

By Harriet Reynolds / Marketing / 27th May 2020

It’s been around 9 weeks now since the UK went into lockdown to fight the coronavirus, and in that time the team at Focus IMC has been working hard to adapt all marketing strategies for our clients.

Knowing that lockdown meant out-of-home advertising would become less appealing and the fact that visiting a development marketing suite and show home would be paused, we knew that our strategies needed to change to focus on digital and social media. And we knew we needed to be flexible with those strategies in order to make sure our clients continued to see results throughout a very difficult period.

"75% of consumers expect brands to inform them about their efforts to face the situation and 70% expect them to offer a reassuring tone."

Since lockdown began, we’ve seen 38% of people spending more time on social media and 31% watching more online video. Seeing this swing to video and the use of live webinars, we immediately adapted our strategies to include these mediums even more. It was also important to adapt our message and approach too.

Our videos with Catalyst are a great example of how we quickly changed our message to reassure the Catalyst audience and show how we’re helping to keep things moving for customers.

The first video was filmed via the Sales Team’s laptops and edited together.

The second video used stock footage, text and emotive music. Both of these videos are simple, yet effective.

Being flexible with your messaging and strategies, adapting to the new ‘normal’, and being sympathetic to how your customers are thinking and feeling is vital. Continue with heavily sales-led messaging and spending money in the wrong places will only lead to less leads and less trust in the brand.

We’re very aware this is a troubling time for businesses across all industries, and we often say we’re experts in our field, but now more than ever, we’re here to help you as best we can, so please get in touch for advice and reassurance should you need it.


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Harriet Reynolds

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Harriet Reynolds