Insight-driven marketing: Partnering with Hometrack

By Laura Parker / Marketing / 12th May 2021

Last year, The Focus Group partnered with Hometrack, the leading provider of portfolio insight, data and AVMs to the UK property market, to ensure we could provide our clients with the most relevant and up-to-date data possible.

Since then, Hometrack data has been at the forefront of the Group’s research, and informs the creative strategies for clients and pitches, to great success.


"access to this data gives us so much more insight into the property market"

Having access to this data gives us so much more insight into the property market.

“We can use it to ensure we have a complete picture of the area for ‘coming soon’ developments as well as finding new vantage points for existing developments.” – Andrea Pisani, Director of Operations

The data pulled can tell us about local competing developments, the income ratios and demographics of local residents, sold prices, both for new-build and second-hand properties, tenure comparisons and so much more.

These insights steer the creative, messaging and ensure we’re targeting the right audience, with the right message, at the right time.

We’ve previously spoken about how personas play a key part in the way we work, however the intricacies that Hometrack offers means we can be more accurate than ever.

“Hometrack really comes into its own when prompting the type of campaign messaging we need to consider.

“For instance, it may identify local ‘affordability’ challenges, so we know we’d need to promote enablers to local residents and supplement the database with out of area buyers in more affluent areas.” – Jason Riley, Creative Director

Ultimately, this data helps both us and the client to be far more strategic and we’re already seeing success from this new level of accurate research.

"we’re already seeing success from this new level of accurate research"

For example, the Hometrack research that led the Merrielands brand and launch campaign for Clarion Housing, not only fed into the creative through persona profiles but also dictated the media strategy. Since launching 10 weeks ago, Clarion has already seen 35% of homes sold and a record low CPL.


To find out more about how we use Hometrack and other research tools, take a look at our recent projects or get in touch.

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