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By Laura Parker / Marketing , Social Media / 11th April 2018

My name’s Sophie and I’m an Instagram Addict. It’s true, Instagram is easily my most used social media platform and talking to my many millennial pals, they are all equally obsessed. So, is your business taking advantage of this ever-growing platform? Take a look at 5 Essex businesses who are seriously nailing their Instagram game and soak up the inspiration as we talk shoppable posts, profile themes, Instagram moments, user generated content, and community spirit. This month’s collection is a good one, so let’s dive straight in.

Humbl Co.

Humbl Co have got their seriously cool branding on lock and their Instagram reflects that. When scrolling past these guys on your feed there’s no doubt who the photo is by. With their branded colours and logo taking front of stage, these guys showcase their products perfectly.

Need fashion inspiration? You’ve come to the right feed! Humbl Co use a series of minimal flat-lays to display everyday outfits that’ll have you adding to your basket in no time. Plus, the captions are always pretty savvy too.

Instagram shoppable posts has finally launched! This is an absolute dream for retailers and it’s no surprise these guys are already taking advantage of the fabulous feature. By tagging products in their Instagram posts, Humbl Co’s followers can now checkout within a few taps, allowing a seamless customer journey.

Toppers and Toast

These guys are serious Instagram goals. I mean, look at that feed! Toppers and Toast’s vibrant colours and bright photos make their food look so inviting. These guys stick to their aesthetic meaning their feed looks coordinated and professional.

"Users will judge your Instagram feed in the same way they judge your website"

This is definitely something to consider when perfecting your Instagram profile. Users will judge your Instagram feed in the same way they judge your website so make sure you’re setting the right first impression to ensure they click that valuable ‘follow’ button. There’s no need for fancy flat lays if you don’t have the time (although they look amazing), simply posting images of similar colours like Toppers and Toast do is a great way to create consistency and a clean looking profile.

We can already feel a Sunday Brunch trip on the horizon – their food is just too irresistible and with marble counters and dreamy interiors it’s every social media junkies’ dreamland and we’ll be Instagramming all day long!

Colchester RFC

Community is at the heart of Colchester RFC’s Instagram and they make sure their loyal fans are kept in the loop. With exclusive behind the scenes posts and player interviews, the rugby club’s followers feel like they’re part of the club.

What we particularly love about Colchester RFC’s is their use of Instagram Stories. Stories is fast becoming the most used element of Instagram and businesses are jumping aboard the creative bandwagon. With supporters unable to make the away games, Colchester RFC brings the away game to them through stories. Live match footage, score updates and of course a bit of rugby banter gives their Instagram a real personality which their followers love. Better still, they save the game footage on their highlights so followers can watch those try-scoring moments whenever they please.

"Stories is fast becoming the most used element of Instagram and businesses are jumping aboard the creative bandwagon."

Take a look at how you and your business could make the most of Instagram Stories. Why not add behind the scenes banter to give your business personality? Or maybe employee quizzes so your followers can get to know your staff, the possibilities are endless!

University of Essex

With so much going on in the counties’ biggest University, the marketing team at The University of Essex have a task on their hands covering all the exciting activity. One way they do this really effectively is by using user-generated content, encouraged by #MyEssex.

Not only does this save time on content collection, it also creates a great sense of community and really captures the diverse nature of the University’s students.

Check out their use of stories too, if you flick through the moments on their profile you’ll see student takeovers from all over the world, as well as dedicated moments to their exciting events.

The Nourish Co.

Ok so now we’re really hungry! The Nourish Co’s feed has got our mouths watering with their divine looking vegan treats. Not only does their account fill our feed with fabulous food, their recent relocation has meant they’ve indulged us in idyllic interiors too!

"We particularly love their roots in the local community."

We particularly love their roots in the local community. They use their café and platform to promote local producers and businesses, such as Colchester coffee roasters Summit Brew and artisan baker Dedham Bread. We think embracing the local community is a great way to make business connections and expand your reach. It’s like going to an old school networking event but online – plus it’s free and super easy!

Do your research and have a look for local businesses in your area who are relevant to your cause, perhaps it’s other bloggers, beauty salons, or eateries. You never know where these connections might lead, it could mean a new client, a social influencer you can collaborate with, or just a new ally in the business world – all are equally valuable so get researching now.


So there you have it! Five of the local Instagram accounts we’re loving at the moment, make sure you hit follow to any accounts that have caught your eye. Think we’ve missed a fab account that you love, or perhaps you’re particularly proud of your business’ Instagram hit us up and we’ll feature you in our next round up!

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