5 Local Businesses That Nail Instagram Marketing

By Sophie Laccohee / Marketing / 22nd August 2017

Instagram isn’t just a platform for sassy selfies and cheeky food snaps any more, it’s fast becoming one of the best marketing tools for any business. With a whopping 700 million active users on Instagram, we think it’s time your company hopped on the Insta bandwagon!

To celebrate our own launch on Instagram, we’ve rounded up a selection of local businesses that are totally nailing Instagram marketing. From blogging communities to cream tea and all things travel, we think your business can seriously learn a thing or two from these awesome local brands.

Ready to be inspired? Let’s go!


Wilkin & Sons

Wilkin & Sons sell a range of quintessentially English products and we must pre-warn you, their Instagram feed is totally drool-worthy. From delicious jams to wonderful gins and beautiful scents, you’ll certainly be in for a sweet treat.

The feed is mostly made up of regrams from customers’ own wonderful images – a fabulous example of user-generated content that really works. Not only is regramming a cool way to engage with your existing customers, it helps build influencer relationships, as well as trust with potential customers. Exciting, right? And let’s face it, the majority of us are more likely to trust a customer’s experience over a generic advertisement.

"a fabulous example of user-generated content that really works"

We’re all for behind the scenes snaps! Why? Because it gives followers an insight into the personality behind the brand… We think the post above sums up the light-hearted office shenanigans at Wilkins’ HQ perfectly. Remember, it’s super important to share your brand’s voice on social, so don’t be afraid to mix up your content sometimes, just like these guys! Explore a world of all things sweet and wonderful here.


The Mother Hub

The Mother Hub is a savvy social community sharing all things creative. From business talks to motherhood, you can expect to find this feed packed full of inspiration and serious girl power.

Now, The Mother Hub knows how to write a killer Instagram bio.

Firstly, they don’t beat around the bush – if you land on their profile, you’ll quickly establish they’re a pretty cool blogging social community. Secondly, they include their email address, making them super easy to contact. Thirdly, they’ve included a hashtag which relates to a fantastic campaign they’re working on. Powerful, right?

"Word of advice? Always have a link in your Instagram bio."

Now on to content… Instagram is no doubt a visual platform and your images should be on point, but that doesn’t mean you can neglect your captions!

Below is a perfect example of an Instagram caption. They’ve got seriously engaging content with a clear call to action. By asking their fans to “click the link in bio it sends their followers to an impressive campaign on their website. Word of advice? Always have a link in your Instagram bio.

Lastly, they aren’t afraid to add emojis to their content and neither should you! It brightens up posts and adds a little bit of fun! (Plus, everyone loves an emoji)

For more inspiration, we suggest you check them out here.


Lone Wolves Creative

At Lone Wolves Creative, you’ll find beautiful organic clothing and jewellery. If you’re looking for positivity, you’ve come to the right place. Lone Wolves Creative know how to inspire and their Instagram certainly reflects just that.

First impressions? We love their whole vibe. They’ve got a beautiful colourway theme going on, whether it was planned or not,  we’re digging the earthy green tones! It’s important your Instagram feed reflects your brand and having a colour theme, or any kind of theme is a massive bonus.

No matter whether you’re a lover or hater of hashtags, your chances of engagement will certainly increase if you include them in your posts. Lone Wolves Creative utilises hashtags to their advantage; they are well researched and totally relevant to their brand.

"It’s important your Instagram feed reflects your brand and having a colour theme, or any kind of theme is a massive bonus."

Top tip before posting hashtags? Do a little research of the top ones in your niche. Doing this may increase your chances of hitting that top 10 featured post spot.

So, Lone Wolves Creative have opened an organic café… yes, we’ve already checked out their Instagram and can’t wait to devour some Tidal Wave Organic Doughnuts. That aside, they’ve already established a branded hashtag for their new venture, which is guaranteed to create a buzz.

If you are launching a new product or event, be sure to get a branded hashtag to help with exposure. The below post is a great example.

For a whole lot of love, happiness and beauty give them a follow here!


Bulk Powders

Bulk Powders supplies a fantastic range of sports nutrition and bodybuilding supplements, so if you’re on a serious health kick this summer, carry on reading!

Fellow foodie? Prepare for a whole lot of deliciousness. They fill up their feed with different shots of food that includes some of their products. Now that’s bound to entice potential customers. Did someone say Zero Calorie Syrup?

Notice on the post below how they encourage their fans to tag a fellow breakfast champion. People love this kind of thing and it’s another way to incorporate a call to action and get people involved in the conversation!

For mouth-watering recipes and a seriously creative feed, take a look here.


Fred Olsen Cruise Line

This one’s for the wanderlust junkies! Fred Olsen Cruise Lines’ feed features eye-catching images that show stunning destinations from around the world, guaranteed to have you dreaming and planning your next getaway…

It’s not always easy standing out in the travel industry, but we think these images speak for themselves.

"Want your Insta images looking fresh? You needn’t be a photoshop wizard! "

Fred. Olsen’s colour scheme is winning in our eyes! We just couldn’t stop scrolling and instantly wanted to click that follow button. Using colour schemes not only helps build upon your brand’s identity but it also gives a unique feel to your Insta grid. Want your Insta images looking fresh? You needn’t be a photoshop wizard! There’s plenty of Instagram filters and third-party apps to get your images looking top notch.

Instagram is the go-to hub to find travel inspiration and new destinations. With this in mind, Fred. Olsen uses hashtags in their images to specify the location! This is a smooth move because it gets their brand in front of everyone that’s searching for that exact location.

These guys certainly know how to inspire potential customers to book a cruise without any hard sale involved, nice work!

Enter paradise here!

Whether you’re an Instagram pro, or just starting out – we hope this inspires you to seriously up your Instagram game, write a killer bio and put some serious sass into your social media Insta strategy.

We would love to hear your tips on Instagram marketing, so comment below if you’ve got something awesome to share.

Keep your eyes peeled for September’s round up ! Oh, and why not give Focus a follow?

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