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By Sophie Laccohee / Marketing Suite / 05th February 2017

First impressions are important, that statement is especially true when selling homes. Our most recent research revealed a purchaser is estimated to have travelled up to 60% of the way through a sales journey before even engaging with a salesperson.

That’s why a buyer’s interaction with a marketing suite is so vital, as in many cases it’s the first face-to-face interaction a potential buyer will have with your development.

Ensuring your sales space portrays the correct message and captures the essence of your development is key to engaging customers and encouraging them to complete the final 40% of the sales journey with you.

Having conducted our research, we suggest using technology (where relevant) to facilitate product information to satisfy the customers’ need for content and using interior design to connect with customers emotionally and trigger their impulse to buy.

Here’s why marketing suites are so beneficial

  • They reinforce your brand and company ethos
  • Potential customers can discover in-depth information about the development
  • A suite can house technology such as 3D models, interactive screens and virtual reality, which enhance the customers buying experience
  • Aid off-plan sales if your development is not complete
  • They are the perfect platform for engaging consumers

How to create a successful marketing suite

  • Create a specific and structured journey through your sales environment, to ensure your customers’ needs are catered for
  • Incorporate key touch points to help showcase your product
  • Allow your customers to experience what life would be like living in your new homes
  • Capture the style and tone of the developments marketing message within the suite
  • Create a comfortable place to talk with buyers to close a deal
  • Choose the location carefully


Our proven approach

We specialise in the delivery of innovative sales and marketing suites, all built with a strong retail influence. That’s why our bespoke marketing suite environments consider a customer experience different to what is already available to them, and ultimately improve sales values and conversion rates for developers.

With the support of Focus, our partner branding and design agency, Grow Design Studios, an architectural design consultancy, and our partnership with VMI Studios, a virtual reality and CGI visualisation specialist, we offer the entire package to truly engage customers.

If you require property marketing advice or need expertise in creating a bespoke marketing suite, get in touch!

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Sophie Laccohee

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Sophie Laccohee