Property marketing predictions: Putting people into property marketing

By Jake Joynson / Marketing / 03rd February 2021

Next in our 2021 blog series, Focus IMC Head of Video Production Jake Joynson talks us through his #propertymarketing tip for 2021.

When the pandemic sent the country into a lockdown, a new era of digital video was born. As people’s daily lives became even more about watching video on screens, particularly as they video-called their friends and family at a rate never seen before, they became yet more accustomed to communicating through video. It opened up new areas of our life to video communications Lectures, TV adverts and even cabinet meetings began to adopt the ‘Zoom aesthetic’. This level of comfort with ‘rough around the edges’ video should not be seen as a reason to whip OUT your iPhone for your next ad campaign, but rather as a clear sign of how much audiences value authenticity from brands. Above all, viewers were relating to people and the human emotion at the heart of those ad campaigns.

"Video has always been the best medium for conveying human emotion"

Video has always been the best medium for conveying human emotion. When you combine this with drastic increases in digital video consumption, and the long months of lockdown we’ve all had to analyse our homes, video marketing should be the main area in which brands within the property industry are investing in this year.

A great example is how we used the concept of life stages in our 2020 TV advert for Catalyst New Homes. All our research and persona profiles meant we could create a relatable character to appeal to our defined audience within the campaign.

In terms of the content which will succeed, I believe that video advertising in the property industry in 2021 should be focused on telling human stories. You already know that it’s now essential that you have video tours of your property to facilitate remote viewings.

"video advertising in the property industry in 2021 should focused on telling human stories"

Now it’s time to think about how your audience is going to envisage living in that property. How easily can they relate that home to their life and its challenges and milestones? How easily can they get a feel for the company who designed and built it?


The most effective way to answer these questions is through powerful and authentic creative that puts people and their stories at the heart of your video advertising. That is what I’ll be helping our clients do in 2021.


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Jake Joynson

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Jake Joynson

Head of Video Production Jake has been bringing a creative eye to our film and animation output since the start of 2020. From producing TV ad campaigns to virtual tours, he’s usually got a camera, a keyboard or a coffee in hand. Outside of the office (and far too regularly inside of it too), Jake rates himself as Focus’ number one karaoke act.