Remote working – how the #FocusFamily is surviving

By Harriet Reynolds / Inside the agency / 08th June 2020

Like most other businesses, the #FocusFamily has been adapting to working from home over the past few months. With a while ahead of us yet before we’re all back in the office together again, the team has been sharing their top tips, and thoughts and feelings on working from home…


As social creatures, one thing we’ve really missed is having those daily interactions face-to-face. We all agree having daily video calls with the team help to keep spirits high.

Enjoy time with your pets

Although we’re missing seeing each other, many of the team have furry friends at home to help keep them company (who wouldn’t want that?)!

Team comfort or team office attire?

Some are taking full advantage of ditching the fitted trousers for something a little comfier, and others find it helps if they are dressed for the office. Harriet likes to get comfy, but Armani finds getting up and dressed as she normally would helps to kickstart her day properly.

Keep a routine

Others have said routine is key to staying productive, like Lucy who always makes sure she gets up and dressed to start her day as she would normally would.

Get a proper desk set up

And finally, making sure you have the perfect office set up has been a key pointer from some of the team. If you want to go that extra mile and have £500 to spare then Max’s tip to update your desk is for you.

Wise words from our #FocusFamily there for you. Despite the uncertain times, the team has adapted to working from home really well. Make sure to follow us on all our social channels to keep up to date with what we’re up to!

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