Time for take-off: elevate your property marketing

By Laura Parker / Company Update , Creative , Video / 24th August 2020

With 72% of customers reporting that they’d rather learn about a product or service by way of video 1, there’s no time to be messing around, and with businesses becoming more switched on to this fact, it’s important your video marketing stands above the rest.

“Over the past year, the pace has quickened when it comes to video marketing.

"we’re investing in the best creatives and equipment to elevate video marketing"

“Brands are clocking on fast that it’s a high-performing content format and the market is quickly becoming saturated with video content.

“As with anything though, quality over quantity is key, which is why at Focus we’re investing in the best creatives and equipment to elevate video marketing for our clients.” – James Mercer, Chairman

In our latest venture to provide our clients with the best video possible, Focus is now home to our very own drone pilot so you can quite literally take your property marketing to new heights.

This new addition to our video toolkit, paired with our superior storytelling courtesy of new Head of Video Production Jake and his ever-growing team of video experts, puts Focus at the forefront of video content creation.

“Since Jake has joined the team, we’ve really seen the difference in the video campaigns we’re leading with.

“His CV boasts some incredible work and already there’s a new sense of excitement and creativity in the team as they collaborate on industry-leading video projects.

"we can cover video marketing at an elite level at every step"

“With the ability to now utilise aerial footage in our arsenal, we can cover video marketing at an elite level at every step.” – Nicole Eve, Client Services Director, Focus IMC London

With our new drone technology comes the ability to give your customers a unique perspective of your development which we can carefully weave into your creative strategy. Be that a bird’s eye view of the expansive development and how close it is to local amenities or countryside, progress photos as the development comes to life, or showing customers what view they can expect from their new home.

"aerial footage alone is not a story"

“The key for me is how aerial footage interacts with the wider story we’re trying to tell in any given project.

“The drone licence allows us to add another dimension to how we tell these stories, but aerial footage alone is not a story and so we’ll be combining this new tool with our existing expertise in filming, animation and motion graphics to tell powerful stories to our clients’ audiences.

“The advantages of aerial footage are huge for the property industry though, where drone footage can be used not only to showcase stunning vistas but also to show consumers how a development sits within and interacts with its local community in a visual and immediate way. As a team, we’re very much looking forward to creating some amazing content with our new toys but above all creating content which gets results for our clients.” – Jake Joynson, Head of Video Production

Keep your eyes peeled for our new showreel coming soon which features some of the aerial footage we’ve already optimised. Plus, to explore all our storytelling across video, print, social media and more, you can view our latest work here.

So, are you ready to elevate your property marketing?

Get in touch and we’ll curate a bespoke video plan tailored to your customers and your marketing goals.


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Laura Parker

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Laura Parker

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