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By Sophie Laccohee / Company Update , Focus , Video / 17th June 2019

We’re taking video marketing to the next level in an exciting collaboration with the kings of cinematic content – Fresh Cut. Communicating creatively is our forte, but this new partnership is turning everything up a notch.

Established in 2006, Fresh Cut are a collective of content creators and full-service video production company, focusing on strategy, production and activation.

Let’s catch up with Andy Daly, Writer & Director of Fresh Cut to hear his thoughts on the exciting collaboration:

"we knew our visions were aligned"

“At Fresh Cut, we love to collaborate with creative, hard-working people. The opportunity to partner with Focus was a no brainer! After seeing their super slick designs and outside-of-the-box campaign ideas, we knew our visions were aligned.

Meeting with Jason and Nicole put the icing on the cake- the chemistry was just right. They understand that a well-executed video can make your brand stand out, and Fresh Cut have the means to bring it to life”

From iconic intro videos to sharp social snippets, powerful promotional videos and so much more, our collaboration is here to help you make a statement.

Want to hear what the team at Focus think about video? Sharing their thoughts on all things video from the user experience side of things, to the strategy and all things social! Ready to get stuck in?

Creative Director, Jason Riley talks about this exciting opportunity and what it means for Focus

“Being able to work alongside Creative Directors in the video industry is an exciting move for Focus. We can now offer high-end video, allowing us to be more niche and specialist when it comes to all things cinematic. 

"We’re taking video that one step further, making it as niche as our clients need it to be."

Working alongside Fresh Cut gives us access to a much further-reaching crew of videographers, camera operators, and the highest spec of equipment. This opportunity isn’t just another service… it’s a chance to make everything more streamlined, working collaboratively to create awesome content, captivating the right audience.

We’re taking video that one step further, making it as niche as our clients need it to be. “

Talking all things strategy, it’s Director of Digital, Nicole Eve!

“Content is king, and when it comes to creating a killer marketing strategy – video is where it’s at. One piece of well-constructed and thought-out video can go really far.

"Video enhances your storytelling and should be a core part of your marketing strategy"

Whether you need short clips cut down for social campaigns, embedded full-length features on your website to promote your brand, or even in emails to enhance the customer journey – one video shoot can streamline your whole content strategy! Even ‘behind-the-scenes’ edits can feature on social to give personality to your brand.

Video enhances your storytelling and should be a core part of your marketing strategy for all the reasons listed above, and by working with a good creative and strategic team, the possibilities from one shoot are endless!”

Team social talk about the elephant in the room, vertical video!

“Video marketing is dominating the social-sphere, and we’re talking on every platform. The trend isn’t going away, it’s here to stay! If you’re still using a one size fits all video to complement your marketing strategy, it’s time to mix it up. 94% of mobile phone users hold their phones vertically, so move over landscape, vertical video is our new best friend. #VerticalisKing

Focus can create video content that you simply can’t scroll past”.

Emily Street, User Experience Manager gets up close and personal with user experience

“Videos provide arguably the most engaging content for a user. Remember the old saying ‘a picture is worth more than a thousand words’ imagine how much a video can say for your brand?

Cisco predicts that by 2020, 82% of all consumer web traffic will be video therefore, users are beginning to expect videos to be a prominent part of their experience when browsing your website.

"Videos provide arguably the most engaging content for a user"

This new partnership will allow us to keep users at the forefront of video creation, ensuring they work effectively across a range of platforms to keep the audience engaged and encouraged to take action!”

Need a video strategy to compliment your content strategy? Get in touch!

Check out our recent work here to get a feel for what we do.

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