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By Laura Parker / Company Update / 08th January 2021

As the UK population retreats inside once again for another national lockdown, effective digital communication is more important than ever in reaching an audience.

Social media has long been part of our lives, and with that comes a crowded space with every brand and individual trying to capture the attention of users. To cut through the noise, and bring a new level of insight and experience to the agency’s social media offering, Focus has welcomed social media expert Jess Keating in the role of Head of Social. 

Based at our Shoreditch office and working alongside our established social media and digital team, Jess will be bringing her expertise to existing clients, whilst devising new strategies with our creative and client services team. 

“Property, like retail, is a challenging and heavily saturated market, now more so than ever. I look forward to taking on the challenging role of scoping out new strategic opportunities within social media across Focus’ portfolio of property clients.” – Jess Keating, Head of Social Media 

“With the Focus group now supporting each stage of the property marketing customer journey, it was important that we continued to invest in our team and evolve our services to make sure we’re providing the best possible service to our clients.

“As the digital climate continues to evolve it’s become increasingly apparent how much more reliant our customers are on social media when discovering their new home; so Jess’ vast experience means we’re now in an even better position to capture that audience.” – James Mercer, Focus Chairman

"No other communication medium in 2021 will give you the data and insights necessary"

“Investing in social media is so important for 2021 because you go where the audience is. The average person now spends 120 minutes per day on social media, so investing in these channels should be integral to a company’s strategy. 

“No other communication medium in 2021 will give you the data and insights necessary to reach targeted audiences and build brand awareness at scale, to communicate directly with potential and current customers and demonstrate tangible ROAS.” – Jess Keating, Head of Social Media

With a CV boasting time at Arcadia Group, Superdry, Karen Millen and Kurt Geiger, Jess believes there is a lot to be learned from the commercial retail industry.

“All B2C industries face the same challenges in their social and digital marketing strategies – how do we reach and acquire new customers and how do we build and retain relationships with our most valuable customers? The same practices and techniques that you learn in one sector, say commercial retail, can be modified and applied to adjacent sectors like property. There are also benefits in bringing in a fresh pair of eyes and approach from a different market.

“Commercial retail, specifically fashion, has been leading the way in beta testing and optimising social media products across the various channels so there are a number of tried and tested strategies ready to introduce to the property industry.” – Jess Keating, Head of Social Media

"there are a number of tried and tested strategies ready to introduce to the property industry"

In the ever-changing marketing landscape, the clear trend towards audience’s reliance on social media and its impressive performance as a medium of communicating ideas is one that Focus IMC is going to ensure its clients benefit from being a part of.


So if you want to know if it’s time to start investing in TikTok, or your social media strategy needs a shake-up, get in contact and Jess will be in touch to see where we can help.

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Laura Parker

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Laura Parker

Laura is our Marketing Manager at Focus. She is busy taking Focus' content strategy to the next level and spreading the word about our bustling agency. When she's not attached to Instagram, you'll find her following cute dogs around and playing rugby.