What marketing tech looks like in a post-pandemic world

By Laura Parker / digisuite / 20th May 2021

The nationwide lockdown in 2020 threw some acute problems at the world of property marketing, one of them being – ‘how do we create an engaging experience without face-to-face visits?’

From Zoom appointments to virtual launches and interactive apps, MarTech came into its own and helped support sales teams in connecting with new customers. However, as England hurtles down the government’s road map towards normality, will these tech investments still have a place in a post-pandemic world?

A new way to explore 

The pandemic catapulted the property industry into the modern world, forcing it to accelerate its adoption of new technology. The newly-established home-buying journey is set to stay as consumers are now more accustomed to experiencing and buying products remotely through technology. 

Further still, the new generation of first-time buyers is digitally native, meaning that integrating technology is not only a beneficial stage of the customer journey, but an expected one. 70% of customer interactions will involve emerging technologies by 2022 and the property industry needs to act fast to keep pace. 1 

The rise of online research before viewing means that buyers want information at the touch of a button so branded web apps such as digisuite, and informative websites are a crucial component to a positive experience. 

These reasons, coupled with the higher levels of interactivity and opportunity to bring a development to life in a way a print brochure never could, are testament to why marketing technology is a key aspect of your property sales and marketing set-up – even post-pandemic.

Supporting sales teams

With little guidance on the future of social-distancing rules, it’s likely that pre-booked appointments will continue. During our recent webinar, leading property sales consultant Lesley Roberts argued that perhaps they should stay regardless, as they give sales teams time to truly nurture a customer and craft the sale.

"80% of customers say they are more likely to do business with a company when it offers personalised experiences"

With this in mind, using technology to your advantage can not only enhance your customers’ experiences but also make your sales team’s life easier. An app like digisuite gives customers the opportunity to learn about your development, explore the interactive site plan and browse through available homes before visiting your marketing suite. This allows them to earmark plots they’d like to discuss, so when they arrive at their appointment the sales team know exactly which homes and features to focus on. This personalised approach adds value as 80% of customers say they are more likely to do business with a company when it offers personalised experiences. 2

Boosting on site interactivity 

Using technology to prequalify customers and prep sales teams is a great addition to your sales and marketing processes. But MarTech comes into its own once a customer arrives on site. 

Firstly, using a digital integration to bring your 3D model to life can have a huge impact when buying off-plan. With live plot availability, customers will be able to navigate the homes available to them in real-time and even filter to show homes that suit their budget and requirements. 

This up-to-date plot information is hugely valuable to both the sales team and the customer, as it avoids any disappointment and time-wasting by showing exactly what is and isn’t available. 

Once integrated with a large screen, a platform like digisuite amplifies the interactive experience to deepen engagement. A rolling screen in a marketing suite is common, however, integrating it with a digital platform means that the content you show can be specific to your customer. This can be particularly useful on larger developments with multiple house types that are targeted at multiple demographics. A young professional isn’t going to be swayed by a screen showing a family picnic but will be more interested in the travel connections and proximity to nightlife. Using digisuite to project this content on the screen is a great way to optimise and tailor your customers’ experience.

Branching out of office

When the time finally comes to emerge from the office – technology will be there to support your events and exhibitions. 

Bringing the same benefits as above, digisuite can deliver an engaging experience whether you’re in a marketing suite or at an industry event. As it is powered by CRM data, no matter where you are it will always be up to date with live plot availability. 

"an engaging experience whether you’re in a marketing suite or at an industry event"

This is also true when selling to investors overseas. You can tailor the content to suit your audience whilst still providing them with live data, making the process easier for both them and your sales team. 

These reasons highlight the beneficial role marketing technology still has to play in selling once we move into the next normal. It’s why we’re continuing to invest in our digisuite platform to ensure technology remains a useful component that works hard for our clients and brings a more engaging experience to customers. 
If you’d like to find out more about digisuite and how it can support your sales and marketing strategy, please get in touch.

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