Barking Riverside

Helping launch a brand new riverfront town in
East London delivering a thriving new eco-district

Client:   L&Q

Year:   2022

Services:   Print, Digital

How we helped

Barking Riverside is a vibrant new district, sitting alongside 2km of majestic River Thames frontage. Once completed, the pioneering development will offer 10,800 new Shared Ownership, Help to Buy and outright sale homes; alongside shops, restaurants and leisure and sports facilities. There will be public parks and river walkways, excellent new schools with state-of the-art facilities, and a new London Overground station, all in close proximity of central London.

Tasked with developing the existing Barking Riverside London branding, our creative team devised 3 campaigns that would be used to market this huge regeneration project for L&Q and BRL. ‘A Giant Leap for London’ as a place-making strategy, to communicate the key selling points of the new town; ‘I Took the Leap’, for continuation/case-studies once the first handovers have begun; following this the ‘Made me’ campaign, to highlight a generation of people who have been a part of it all and will evolve here.

Following the initial pitch, Focus were asked to pitch for the development of a sale website which followed the same creative style and maintained Barking Riverside’s London-leading status. We were successful and went on to develop a website in 2 phases – database building, through to full sales site with API integrations into their CRM Komobility.

Our involvement in the site set up also encompassed a world of print; including the main host brochure, floorplan brochures, magazines, business cards, third party leaflets along with brand guidelines to assist with this and much more.

What was achieved

Working alongside our sister company Focus Experiential, we were tasked to create a bright and welcoming sales suite to represent the vision of Barking Riverside. This was designed to enhance the visiting customer’s experience with onsite presence, brand awareness and wayfinding in mind. A range of interior and exterior signage was produced; including monolith and gabion directional signs along the approach to the marketing suite, many lamppost flags leading from the two main access roads along with the designs to the internal space itself, including graphics to be applied to moss feature walls and much more. We also produced the creative for the hoarding leading up to site; the scope of which is extraordinary – if you laid the works out end to end, it would be three and a half times the height of the Empire State Building.

We designed, developed and installed 2 interactive tables with 360 CGI spins for visitors to find their plots and explore the local area, in place of a model, as well as an interactive wall with touchscreen technology triggering animations to portray the vision for the site that answered stakeholder requirements and helped the sales staff to show potential buyers the end result of Barking Riverside upon completion of the project in 15 years’ time.

Working with other agencies we produced video content for social media, both organic and paid activity. Our social media strategy formed the basis of the organic activity and we continue to produce assets for these platforms. Our creative was further rolled out to a range of different advertising mediums including; press, billboards, train station gates and posters, petrol nozzles, portal and database emailers, homepage takeovers; the list goes on.

The Results…

Approximately 1,000 leads being added to the database daily in the 10 days prior to launch

9 reservations on launch weekend (split between Shared Ownership and Help to Buy)

The website processes, on average, 16 new leads per day

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