BE WEST Social Media

Launching BE WEST's organic social media presence

Client:   Shepherds Bush Housing Group

Year:   2022

Services:   social media

How we helped

Shepherds Bush Housing Group asked us to create a social media presence to support their BE WEST brand launch and sales objectives. Our aim was to create a strong brand presence, showcase the surrounding areas of their west London developments, and ultimately, drive traffic to the website by using engaging social media content. We established a social media strategy to create content that aligns with BE WEST’s KPIs and stands out from other competitors in the area.

What was achieved

Through organic social media, we created an engaged community from a range of different audiences. Whether it’s those living in West London, those looking to move into a BE WEST apartment, or those simply after some gorgeous interior inspiration.

We have developed many different formats for BE WEST’s social media content such as grid splits, carousels, Instagram guides, stories and more. For first-time buyers, the variety of content and specific information around Shared Ownership and getting onto the property ladder make BE WEST’s social media platforms the perfect place to discover everything you need to know about buying your first home.

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