Brick By Brick website

Using our UX expertise and development team to build Brick By Brick's new website

Client:   Brick By Brick

Year:   2022

Services:   Web development, user experience

How we helped

Brick By Brick build affordable homes for local people in the Croydon area.

We worked with Brick By Brick’s design agency to re-build their website to be in-line with their new branding. As part of the process, our UXQB User Experience Manager scoped out the User Experience of the site which included the site map, user journeys and wireframes for the designers to base their creative on.

What was achieved

We worked closely with Brick By Brick’s design team to ensure that the User Experience remained integral to the site and the website was built by the Focus development team. We have continued to build new features onto the website to ensure the website continues to develop in-line with Brick By Brick’s requirements.

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