Bunzl Healthcare

Re-connecting Bunzl's customers with a fresh new brand awareness strategy through email marketing

Client:   Bunzl Healthcare

Year:   2018

Services:   Email marketing, campaign & strategy, user experience

How we helped

Bunzl began sending ad-hoc emails in early 2016, however without prior email communication with their audience, the statistics were poor. With the pending launch of their new online product catalogue, Bunzl instructed Focus to create an awareness strategy via email. This would help re-connect customers with the company showing the service offering as well as introducing the new online tool.

A database was collated of existing, prospect and lapsed customers’ email addresses, and our user experience manager, designers, and web development teams began to create and build both emails. We carefully considered the design and understood the importance of using different messaging and visuals based upon the customer type to ensure maximum engagement.

For the emails we undertook A/B testing to both existing and prospect/lapsed customers. We tested the following areas:
• Subject line
• Sender identity (Commercial Director or Generic [email protected] address)
• HTML text vs Visual email

The first email sent was followed up with a re-mail to the non-opens and soft bounces. We used the better performing email determined from the A/B testing results.

What was achieved

The first email sent was followed up with a re-mail to the non-opens and soft bounces.

Existing customers
First email:
Avg open rate 46.4%
Click through rate 71.1%

Avg open rate 22.3%
Click through rate 66.8%

First email:
Avg open rate 22.3%
Click through rate 59.9%

Avg open rate 32.61%
Click through rate 75%

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