Catalyst Social Media

Transforming Catalyst Housing's private sales social media through creative strategy and assets

Client:   Catalyst Housing

Year:   2020

Services:   Social Media

How we helped

Originally tasked with managing the social media for Rutherford Fields, Catalyst approached us wanting to bring their social media to life. Even with keen emphasis on showcasing properties in a creative and engaging way, as well as community management and strategy, their social media needed a complete overhaul. Once Focus established the success of Rutherford Fields’ social media, we were then asked to manage three other development pages, as well as Catalyst’s private sales social profiles and Trustpilot.

What was achieved

Firstly, we set up new accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for Catalyst Homes Sales, the private sales sector of Catalyst Housing. We then began putting together a flexible strategy that allowed us to hit all of Catalyst’s KPIs which formed the basis of our monthly content calendars. This strategy combined with the creative assets designed and produced by Focus gave Catalyst’s social media a total refresh. With a strategic mix of sales information, tips, advice and fun content we’ve seen the steady growth of Catalyst’s social following and Lead Generation.

Since taking on and setting up the accounts, we have seen 387 new Facebook likes, 552 Instagram likes and 75 new Twitter followers. We have also reached over 6 million people on Facebook and over 1 million on Instagram, which has helped to increase traffic to the website and raise awareness of Catalyst and the homes they have available.

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