Countryside’s COVID-19 response

Countryside's reactive messaging in response to the Coronavirus outbreak

Client:   Countryside

Year:   2022

Services:   campaign concept, digital advertising, video

How we helped

Countryside required a new campaign creative to lead with throughout the national lockdown due to Covid-19. This was to run across all media including; adverts, emails, banners. All of these advertising the fact that you could still view their show homes and arrange video calls with their Sales Consultants.

Countryside also wanted suggestions for creative to lead with when restrictions were relaxed.

Our expert designers took to the challenge to create three campaigns. We felt that in this time of uncertainty, producing something light-hearted and informative was the way forward.

Countryside loved all three campaigns, however, they felt ‘Business unusual’ was the right choice. It was the perfect representation of the time – still open for business but not in the usual way.

With the population spending more time at home, be it working or furloughed, we created a great follow up campaign: ‘Isn’t it time for a bigger kitchen?’, ‘… for a professional workspace?’, and ‘Now you’re a home workout guru…’. These all touched on what the nation had been doing whilst staying at home but playfully hinting that an upgrade for more space was needed, a sentiment that research suggested people were looking for.

What was achieved

A unique look, with an element of fun during a time that was very unsure. The campaign created was reassuring that life as we know it was continuing, but in a slightly adapted way. Business Unusual proved to be a great success as it generated a lot of clicks from the emails broadcast, lots of video call bookings and show home digital viewings.

The following campaign was especially engaging – it was backed with research that buyers’ priorities had changed after lockdown. Our campaign was right on time for audiences, leading the way with fun and informative content.

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