Crimestoppers – Domestic Abuse Campaign

We joined up with Focus on Media to promote Crimestoppers' domestic abuse reporting lines throughout lockdown

Client:   Crimestoppers

Year:   2020

Services:   campaign concept, digital advertising

How we helped

On behalf of the London Borough of Hillingdon’s Safer Hillingdon Partnership (SHP) Crimestoppers aimed to educate both perpetrators and bystanders of domestic abuse and raise awareness of this issue, increasing early identification and intervention.

This need was amplified by the notable concern that Domestic Abuse would increase during the COVID-19 Public Health emergency.

The campaign aimed to raise public awareness of Domestic Abuse, identifying what this constitutes and have a call to action, encouraging members of the public to speak up and report any information they have about crime or criminality via the Crimestoppers anonymous reporting service.

What was achieved

Working alongside Focus on Media who planned the media, Focus IMC designed the creative which was used across the campaign. To spread this message for Crimestoppers we took two approaches; digital and Out of Home advertising. The former took the shape of Google and social adverts which ran alongside digital signage adverts positioned in key areas highlighted by the SHP.

The nature of lockdown meant we had to be more tactical with our advert placement frequently visited locations such as large supermarkets.

Overall the campaign performed really well, one of the highlights, after seeing one the adverts outside Tesco a member of the public came into the store to speak to the staff about the abuse they had been suffering and as a result, the case was passed onto the police.

Top-line Statistics

  • 5,045,835 impressions across Google AdWords, Gmail advertising and Metro advertising
  • 15,465 total clicks from all PPC channels
  • £0.64 average Cost Per Click

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