Cross The Line

Raising awareness of radicalisation through a hard-hitting web application

Client:   Bedfordshire Police

Year:   2018

Services:   Campaign and strategy

How we helped

As part of the national Prevent initiative, Bedfordshire Police approached Focus Integrated to create an interactive web application to highlight how easily anyone can be influenced by radical behaviour – and to educate young people about the consequences of being drawn into extremist ideology. Cross the Line was born, a hard-hitting web app using social media to put the user directly in the centre of the action that ultimately led users through to the Let’s Talk About it website for more information.

We worked closely with Bedfordshire Police to develop the app storyline to ensure it was in keeping with the messages they wanted to focus on. The app needed to span different religious beliefs, genders and financial backgrounds but still make each user feel as though the person featured in the story could be them. When analysing the knowledge of Bedfordshire Police, we soon realised the practical challenge was to take the facts and turn it into something hard-hitting and relatable to 13–18 year olds.

What was achieved

Before the campaign went live we reached out to relevant influencers to gain their support, for example Prevent teams across the UK and charities such as Tell Mama and Stop Hate UK. Bedfordshire Police also gained support from ex-EDL member Ivan Humble who agreed to be the face of the campaign which included being interviewed for a promotional video as well as sharing content with his followers.

The campaign ran from the 26th of July until 29th of August 2017 and throughout that time we achieved the following results:

Cross The Line App
26,579 Users
30,968 Sessions
4.59% Bounce Rate
1,094 Click throughs to the Let’s Talk About It website

Facebook Paid

155,308 Impressions
80,385 Video Views
378 Click throughs to the app

Instagram Paid

350,591 Impressions
58,895 Video Views
577 Click throughs to the app

Since the campaign finished, Bedfordshire Police hosted talks within schools and colleges during Hate Crime Awareness Week using pull-up banners and postcards created by Focus.

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