Forgotten Heroes

A stunning published book bringing history, thought-provoking quotes and emotive design to all ages.

Client:   Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation

Year:   2018

Services:   Design

How we helped

The Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation approached us to work with them on their first ever published book, uncovering the previously-untold stories of Muslim soldiers during the First World War.

Our client had spent 5 years travelling around the world following these stories, collecting letters and pictures from the families of these soldiers, and piecing together never-before-seen information about their lives, their friendships, their losses and their legacies. He wanted to produce a book that could be enjoyed by all ages, all religions and would take pride of place in their homes to think about humans, their relationships to each other, and learn from the poignant quotes that feature.

Our main aim was to treat the material with the utmost respect, while creating something visually beautiful, that took the reader’s breath away when they connected all of the elements on a page.

Every page was carefully considered from a colour and texture point of view to envoke the feelings experienced by the soldiers in their lives.

We worked with NASA to recreate the night sky above the trenches in 1914, we used artist impressions of all the varying regiments, and the iconic image of a poppy field to commemorate the fallen heroes.

What was achieved

The book has been registered in the archives of the British, Welsh and Scottish libraries, has been purchased by schools to support the WWI curriculum and the British military to educate their soldiers today of the legacy that Muslim soldiers left behind.

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