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Focus has worked with Teledyne e2v for over 20 years developing their main website and producing other marketing material to support the company’s needs. The Professional Imaging team approached us to develop a microsite to host their Professional Imaging-specific product content.

Client:   Teledyne e2v

Year:   2020

Services:   User Experience, Web design & development, SEO

How we helped

Having worked with the Professional Imaging team for a number of years we had a good understanding of what was required of the new microsite. We were tasked to design and build a new website aimed at B2B customers looking for information on the products available to them.

The team at Teledyne e2v wanted their customers to be able to find their products, datasheets, guides and applications easily, whilst creating a website which had a modern look and feel that was in-line with the Teledyne Imaging brand guidelines. The website also needed to complement the Teledyne Dalsa website, as users would need to transition between the two sites with ease.

What was achieved

The digital team at Focus scoped out the full requirements of the Professional Imaging microsite, which included our UXQB Certified User Experience Manager creating a full site map, user journeys and wireframes for the page templates to ensure that all of the core elements were included in the designs.

Our design team then took approved wireframes and brought the website to life. The clean design makes the website very easy to navigate for Teledyne e2v’s Professional Imaging customers and incorporates design elements from Teledyne Dalsa website, aiding a smooth user journey between the sites.

Next, we moved into development to build the new WordPress website. During this phase, we incorporated some new functionality on the website which allows users to compare products and their key features side-by-side, a useful tool to help users decide which product will be best suited for their requirements.

Once the site was built and the content was added our SEO team got to work to optimise the website for SERPs, prior to go live.

Statistics since go-live
16th June 2019 – 29th Feb 2020
New users:
 Over 25,500
Page views: Over 91,000
Sessions: Over 37,800
Average bounce rate: 44.21%
Total downloads: Over 11,000

What the client had to say…
“I approached Focus about designing a new microsite to better present our products and services to our customers. Focus designed a clean and fresh site which included tools to help visitors filter and find the right products for them. We’re really happy with the new site.”
Jessica Broom, Senior Global Marketing Communications Manager, Teledyne Imaging

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