New Homes Law

A complete website redesign to reflect New Homes Law's fun aesthetic, values and philosophy

Client:   New Homes Law

Year:   2022

Services:   Web design & development, user experience

How we helped

Property law and conveyancing specialists, New Homes Law, are a family business with strong family values with the customer at the heart of their business.

With this comes a unique office which incorporates fun with hard work. When you step into New Homes Law you are greeted with a garden with a cherry tree, the office is a street scene with each room having a different front door (one of which came from their first office), and you’ll even find a giant abacus in the accounts department!

The team at Focus was tasked to design and build a website which reflects the individual style of New Homes Law, creating a seamless customer journey that reflects this customer-centric, family-led business with a strong set of values. It needed to be fresh, warm and friendly, whilst being clear, professional with User Experience and SEO a key factor.

Websites are a company’s shop front and need to cater to different customers. The New Homes Law website needed to work for B2C and B2B audiences as well as for staff and for recruitment. The team at New Homes Law wanted their customers to be able to request a quote easily online through their case management system enabling their staff to process enquiries quickly and efficiently.

What was achieved

The digital team at Focus built a website which is not a typical property lawyer and conveyancing site, providing the information and steps required for their customers, it’s professional, fun and welcoming.

As property marketing experts the team at Focus used their knowledge of the industry and customer journeys to scope out the website. Our User Experience Manager fully mapped the website for key user journeys, wireframing each template with these users in mind.

Whilst ensuring the User Experience was at the heart of the design, the design team at Focus took inspiration from the New Homes Law offices, creating a vibrant website reflecting the company’s values, even incorporating house icons reflecting the office street scene. Our SEO team ensured that the fully responsive website was optimised to appear organically for related keywords on the SERPs.

The New Homes Law website really reflects the uniqueness of the company whilst providing strong foundations for the users to reach their end goal.

What the client had to say…

“Focus really understood what we at New Homes Law stand for and absorbed our branding perfectly to produce an incredible website that not only reflected us aesthetically but also reflected our values and philosophy. From the offset, it was evident we were in the company of real professionals who communicated superbly with us so we knew exactly what was going on with the user-experience, design and build of the website. The proof is the pudding and we couldn’t be happier with our new website, thank you to the team at Focus for their time and work.”

Grant Noble, CEO of New Homes Law

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