The Gallery

Portraying the inner beauty of Camberwell through print and digital marketing

Client:   Peabody

Year:   2022

Services:   Campaign and strategy, brand development, corporate literature, video, marketing suite

How we helped

We were asked by Peabody to create a brand for an exciting new development in Camberwell. With the continuous popularity of influencers, we decided to reach out to a local photographer and local artist to get a real feel for the culture of the area, increase awareness of the development and to engage and include the local community in this exciting project.

The collaboration involved hosting an art competition, where we invited a group of local artists to express their interpretation of “the inner beauty of Camberwell” in whatever media they wished. The winner of the competition would have their pieces featured in the brochure and marketing suite.

We visited the area and spoke to local agents, researching why people love Camberwell to ensure this message shone through in our design.

What was achieved

From our partnerships with the local photographer and artist, we acquired a fantastic understanding of the area, the community vibe, as well as some great photography and artwork that really portrayed the inner beauty of Camberwell.

Our design team incorporated the amazing photography and artwork throughout the brochure and marketing suite to ensure it was central to our creative.

We were then supplied with approved technical drawings and CAD files to begin working up the floor plans and CGIs to populate the floorplan brochures, bringing everything to life.

The finished articles were cool, modern and artistic. At present, there is a host brochure, along with two floorplan brochures. The covers have been printed with a soft touch laminate, spot gloss UV with an embossed logo, leaving a lasting impression.

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